A word about Coronavirus (COVID-19)

I wanted to update my patients about our office policies during the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic:

I am sure by now everyone understands that this can be a contagious virus. My office will remain open to service my patients as long as we can and in the interest of safety for all of us, we will adhere to appropriate guidelines that include:

1)  As most of you know, there never are more than 10 people in my office at one time, including my staff, and we will continue to adhere to this. We are spacing out appointments so that only a maximum of 5-6 people will be in the office at any one time with appropriate social distancing.
2) If you have an office procedure currently scheduled, we will plan on completing the procedure unless the current environment changes again to prevent it.
3) My staff routinely clean and disinfect exam chairs, equipment and rooms after every patient visit normally and we are especially cognizant of this at this time.
4) The disinfectant agents we use are medical grade and provide protection for 24 hours against bacteria and viruses.
5) We may ask you about any recent travel history or check your temperature if appropriate.
6) Hand sanitizers are available throughout the office for everyone’s use.
7) If you are sick, please let us know before your appointment and we will be happy to reschedule the appointment for a time where you are well again.
8) I am exploring Telemedicine options that we might be able to institute and will advise you on this as they develop and can be implemented.

As we all are dealing with this difficult time, hopefully we can all support each other and help those in greatest need pull through this pandemic. We will weather this storm as a nation and society and emerge stronger. There is a lot of uncertainty and the information about COVID-19 is constantly changing but we will continue to monitor the information. I look forward to that time when our lives are back to normal again which hopefully will be soon!

Stay safe and healthy!

Mary Ann Contogiannis, M.D.