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Cellulite Treatment

What is Involved in Cellulite Treatment?

Cellulite treatment is a non-invasive solution for patients who are struggling with the appearance of cellulite. Unlike typical body fat, cellulite can be difficult to manage with diet and exercise alone. This is because it’s caused by connective tissue in the body, not by fat itself.

At the Renaissance Center for Plastic Surgery & Wellness, we use the Endermologie system to help patients successfully eliminate cellulite. The Endermologie treatment uses an advanced massage and suction process to break up connective tissues that cause cellulite. This treatment can smooth out the skin while also improving circulation in the area for added wellness benefits.

Am I A Good Candidate for Cellulite Treatment?

If you are looking for a way to eliminate cellulite without the use of surgical techniques, you may be a good candidate for cellulite treatment. At Renaissance Center for Plastic Surgery & Wellness, we are proud to offer financing for the Endermologie treatment to make it a more affordable option for those who desire it.

How Does Cellulite Treatment Work?

During the Endermologie cellulite treatment, we will use the handheld Endermologie device to target and eliminate cellulite. This is a gentle and comfortable process that requires no anesthetic. As the handpiece is applied to the treatment area, it will massage the skin and apply a suction component to break down connective tissue and increase circulation to the treatment area. Many patients actually feel improvements during the treatment process.

What Can I Expect During Recovery Following Cellulite Treatment?

After cellulite treatment with Endermologie, there is no downtime or recovery period. You may experience minor redness or sensitivity around the treatment area, but these symptoms usually fade within a day or two. You will be able to return to work and all other activities immediately following your appointment.

What Results Can I Expect from Cellulite Treatment?

The results from cellulite treatment will develop gradually over the course of multiple treatment sessions. Most patients need about six treatments to begin noticing results. Treatments are typically performed about twice a week for a month, after which point monthly treatments can be implemented to continue improving or maintain your results. To make your results last as long as possible, we encourage patients to maintain healthy diet and exercise habits.

For patients interested in reducing both fat and cellulite, Endermologie treatments can often be combined with fat reduction options such as CoolSculpting® or BodyTite for dramatic body contouring results.

Are you ready to get rid of cellulite for good? Contact us today to schedule your consultation for Endermologie at Renaissance Center for Plastic Surgery & Wellness. We welcome patients from High Point, Burlington, Greensboro, and the surrounding cities of North Carolina.