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What is Involved in a Sculptra® Treatment?

Sculptra® is a unique injectable treatment that can be used to stimulate natural collagen production in the body. Collagen is responsible for maintaining skin elasticity and volume, and decreases with age.

Sculptra® can restore collagen levels in the body to address signs of aging like wrinkles, lines, and loose skin. Plus, since the results are from natural collagen production, they will look much more natural and last much longer than those from many other dermal filler and injectable treatments. Patients most commonly use Sculptra® to treat:

  • Chin wrinkles
  • Marionette lines
  • Smile lines

Am I A Good Candidate for Sculptra®?

If you are looking for a way to naturally restore collagen to the body and reduce signs of aging, you may be a good candidate for Sculptra®. At Renaissance Center for Plastic Surgery & Wellness, we are proud to offer financing for the Sculptra® treatment to make it a more affordable option for those who desire it.

How Does Sculptra® Work?

The Sculptra® treatment is performed with the aid of a topical anesthetic, which numbs the skin to minimize any discomfort that may occur during the injection process. During treatment, the Sculptra® formula will be injected into and around the wrinkles and lines of primary concern. This process only takes a few minutes, so the entire Sculptra® treatment is typically performed in less than 30 minutes.

What Can I Expect During Recovery Following Sculptra®?

Sculptra®, like other dermal filler and injectable treatments, requires no downtime or recovery period. You may experience minor swelling, redness or sensitivity around the injection site, but these symptoms usually fade within a day or two. You will be able to return to work and all other activities immediately following your appointment.

What Results Can I Expect from Sculptra®?

The results from Sculptra® can take a few weeks to develop, as it takes time for collagen to be produced and implemented into the skin. Most patients notice results a few months after beginning treatment, and may require multiple treatment sessions during this time. However, the results from Sculptra® can last for years, allowing patients to enjoy long-lasting youthfulness.

Contact us today if you are considering Sculptra® treatments at Renaissance Center for Plastic Surgery & Wellness. We are proud to offer this and other medical spa services to patients living in Winston-Salem, Burlington, Greensboro, and the surrounding areas of North Carolina.