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Breast Lift

Over time, breasts can begin to sag for a variety of reasons, including pregnancy, breastfeeding, age, genetics, and more. A breast lift—medically known as a mastopexy—is designed to help reduce sagging and improve breast contours for a perkier, more youthful aesthetic. Our board-certified Greensboro plastic surgeon—Mary Ann Contogiannis, MD—has extensive skill and experience performing breast lift procedures, and she has helped countless women obtain the firmer, younger-looking breasts they desire. 

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What is a Breast Lift?

The medical term for breast lift surgery is mastopexy, and the procedure is designed to address sagging breasts by reshaping them and repositioning them higher on the chest wall for a firmer contour and improved projection. During the procedure, excess skin is usually removed and the surrounding tissues are tightened, giving better support to the newly uplifted breasts. Breasts can begin to sag for a variety of reasons, including pregnancy, breastfeeding, the natural aging process, and even just gravity. A mastopexy is designed to help reverse these effects, ultimately restoring a more youthful, “perky” breast appearance.

Who is a Good Breast Lift Candidate?

Ideal candidates for breast lift surgery are those who are experiencing some degree of breast sagging—also known as breast ptosis—who would like to restore a more youthful projection. Patients should also be in good health and committed to maintaining a healthy, stable weight. It is important to note that a breast lift cannot significantly increase the size of your breasts. If you are interested in increasing your breast volume, a breast augmentation may be a better option. If you want to obtain larger breasts while also addressing sag, a combination breast lift with implants can be the ideal option. 

What are the Benefits of a Breast Lift?

There are numerous benefits to breast lift surgery, and most women are delighted with the results of their newly repositioned and reshaped breasts. Some common benefits include:

  • Increased self-confidence
  • Improved self-image
  • Enhanced symmetry and contours of the breasts
  • Decrease in excess skin around the breasts
  • Improved nipple size, shape, and/or placement, as desired

Many women choose to undergo a breast lift after they are done having children in order to address the sagging commonly associated with pregnancy and breastfeeding. The procedure can be performed on its own or it can be included as part of a more comprehensive mommy makeover

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What Can I Expect During the Breast Lift Procedure?

Breast lifts are typically outpatient procedures that are performed under general anesthesia in our AAAHC-accredited in-office surgical center.

There are three different surgical incisions available for a breast lift. Dr. Contogiannis will help you decide which incision pattern is best able to achieve your desired results during your consultation. For patients needing only minor skin and tissue excision, a periareolar (around the areola) incision is typically sufficient. For more moderate lifting, an additional incision extending vertically downwards from the areola towards the breast crease may be added. In cases where breast sagging is severe, another incision extending horizontally along the breast crease can be utilized, creating an anchor-like shape.

After the incision is made, the breast tissue is lifted and reshaped. The nipple and areola may also be repositioned, moving them to a higher, more youthful-looking position on the chest wall. Excess skin that has lost its elasticity due to sagging is removed and the incisions are closed.

What is Recovery After a Breast Lift Like?

After your breast lift, Dr. Contogiannis will have you wear gauze and a surgical bra for support. As the healing process continues, you’ll eventually be able to change to a softer bra. Bruising and swelling are common after surgery, but these symptoms typically dissipate within a few days. Any discomfort is usually manageable with medication. As the swelling subsides, patients are often thrilled to be able to see their new shape emerging. You may experience numbness in the nipples for several weeks.

Regular activities can typically be resumed within a week of surgery, although exercise and heavy lifting should be avoided for about a month. Dr. Contogiannis will give you personalized post-surgery instructions during your consultation and after your procedure. You should follow them closely to promote a quicker recovery and optimal results.

Will I Have Breast Lift Scars?

As with all surgical procedures, some scarring is inevitable after breast lift surgery. That said, Dr. Contogiannis has extensive experience and expertise performing breast lifts, and she uses advanced techniques to minimize scarring as much as possible. Furthermore, the available incision patterns (periareolar, lollipop, and anchor) are all designed to blend in with the natural contours of the body, and most patients report that their breast lift scars are easily concealed by a bra or bikini top. 

Your breast lift scars should begin to fade about a month after surgery, and they typically continue to lighten over the next year or more. Should you have concerns about the appearance of your scars, Dr. Contogiannis can recommend a number of skin care products and treatments that may be able to help.  

How Much Does a Breast Lift Cost?

The precise costs associated with a breast lift will fluctuate based on a number of factors, including the extent of the surgery being performed and whether or not implants are utilized. That said, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the average cost of a breast lift in the United States was around $5,000. Costs for your specific case will be discussed during your initial consultation, and we can present you with a personalized price quote at that time. 

At The Renaissance Center for Plastic Surgery & Wellness, we believe that cost should never prohibit you from obtaining your aesthetic goals. As such, we’re pleased to accept financing through trusted third-party healthcare lenders Alphaeon® and CareCredit®.

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