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EvolveX Body Contouring

Interested in comprehensive fat reduction, skin tightening, and muscle toning—all without the need for surgery? Our plastic surgeon in Greensboro, Dr. Mary Ann Contogiannis, offers the innovative EvolveX machine, which comes equipped with multiple treatment modes to help patients comprehensively transform their physique.

What Is EvolveX Body Contouring?

Created by InMode, EvolveX is a non-surgical body enhancement treatment that targets various body areas, such as the abdomen, waist, arms, inner and outer thighs, legs, and buttocks. It uses multiple technologies, including radiofrequency (RF) energy and electromagnetic stimulation (EMS), to reduce body fat, tighten skin, and tone muscle

What Are the Benefits of EvolveX Body Contouring?

EvolveX body contouring treatment can offer patients a variety of benefits, including:

  • Non-surgical skin tightening and fat reduction
  • Enhanced body contours across a variety of treatment areas
  • Muscle toning and sculpting
  • A comfortable, hands-free treatment experience
  • Little to no post-treatment downtime
  • Long-lasting results

What Happens During the EvolveX Body Contouring Procedure?

EvolveX is a hands-free approach to non-invasive body contouring. Based on the goals of the patient, one of three different applicators is applied to each of the body areas being targeted for treatment. Treatment typically lasts 30 to 60 minutes, and most patients report that it is quite comfortable, involving a mild to moderate “warming” sensation at the treatment site. There is usually no post-procedure pain or downtime associated with EvolveX procedures, and patients can return to normal activities immediately.

The EvolveX machine has several different “modes” that provide different outcomes:

  • Trim mode uses radiofrequency energy to heat fatty tissues below the skin, resulting in a reduction in stubborn body fat. This mode is typically used in areas such as the abdomen, flanks, and thighs to melt away excess fat for a slimmer, smoother appearance.
  • Tite mode uses bipolar radiofrequency (RF) energy to tighten the skin and stimulate collagen production for a smoother, tauter physique that continues to improve over time. The Tite mode is most often used on the abdomen, flanks, thighs, and buttocks to improve skin tone.
  • Tone mode uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to rapidly contract the muscles at the application site, resulting in enhanced muscle tone and body sculpting. Tone mode is most often used to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks. 
  • Transform mode combines RF and EMS energy to deliver fat reduction, skin tightening, and muscle toning results at the same time. The Transform applicator is an incredibly versatile option that can be used on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, “bra line,” upper arms, and other body areas.

One of the greatest advantages of the EvolveX machine is that it comes equipped with multiple applicators that can be used simultaneously to treat several body areas at once. 

How Much Does EvolveX Body Contouring Cost?

The average cost for EvolveX body contouring treatment is $2825*, although this can vary based on a variety of factors, including the number of areas treated, the treatment mode chosen, and the number of sessions required to achieve the desired result. After a consultation, our dedicated team can provide you with a personalized price quote. For patients interested in financing the cost of treatment, we will be happy to discuss the available options.

To learn more about EvolveX body contouring, please contact us today.

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