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Virtual Plastic Surgery Consultations

Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Mary Ann Contogiannis, is dedicated to helping her patients achieve their aesthetic goals in a way that prioritizes safety, comfort, and confidence. The consultation process is a key part of the cosmetic enhancement journey, allowing you to get to know Dr. Contogiannis, learn more about your procedure(s) of interest, review your medical history, and communicate your overall treatment goals. In order to make this process easier and more comfortable for patients, Dr. Contogiannis offers virtual consultations. 

Virtual consultations are conducted over a secure, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)-compliant portal. To make the most of your time with Dr. Contogiannis, we recommend taking some time to review the information below about how to prepare for your consultation. 

How to Prepare For Your Virtual Plastic Surgery Consultation

Fill Out All Paperwork Ahead of Time

We kindly request that patients send us their paperwork as far in advance as possible to give us time to review it. This allows Dr. Contogiannis to gain a fuller understanding of your interests and goals ahead of time so that she can ensure your consultation experience is personalized.

Take High-Quality Consultation Photos

One of the limitations of a virtual consultation is that Dr. Contogiannis does not have the chance to perform an in-person physical evaluation. To help us gain a better understanding of your concerns, it is essential to provide us with high-quality photos prior to your consultation. 

The precise nature of your photos will depend on your procedure(s) of interest. Patients seeking facial rejuvenation, such as facelift surgery or a brow lift, should submit photos featuring different angles of their face. Patients seeking breast or body procedures, such as breast augmentation or tummy tuck, should ensure their area(s) of concern are properly represented.  

Some general consultation photography tips:

  1. Use a solid, plain-colored background with good lighting 
  2. Take one frontal photo with the face or body centered and looking straight
  3. Take at least one, preferably two profile (side-view) photos 
  4. Try to avoid “posing” or contorting your face or body in such a way that obscures your area(s) of concern (this include “sucking in” your tummy or smiling)
  5. There should be no clothing covering the area of concern, as this makes it more difficult for Dr. Contogiannis to conduct her assessment

Prepare Questions Ahead of Time

It is natural to have a lot of questions about plastic surgery or non-surgical aesthetic treatments. We recommend writing down a list of questions you have for Dr. Contogiannis ahead of time so that you can feel confident and prepared during your consultation. Dr. Contogiannis is here to be a trustworthy and non-judgmental partner in your healthcare, so there is no such thing as a “silly” question. 

Virtual Consultation Form

PLEASE USE THE UPLOAD BUTTON BELOW TO UPLOAD PHOTOS TO SEND TO US To make the most of your virtual consultation, do your best to submit your photographs in the following format. This will allow our doctors to make the most comprehensive assessment. 1. Use a solid background. 2. Take one frontal photo with the face or body centered and looking straight. 3. Take at least one, preferably two profile photos File formats accepted: gif | png | jpg | jpeg File size limit: 3mb

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